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Adventure is Out There

Ever have one of those big ginormous ambitions, goals, dreams, or whatever you want to call it that could only actually be pulled off if laws of our Earthly Physics were changed, bent, broken, ignored? Yeah, I’ve got one of those brewing in me.

Here’s it is:

Kayak a little more than 1200 river miles in one long wilderness trip.

Not so tough, right?


I live in Alaska. I’ve googled the stretch of river(s) I’m wanting to do. I’ve found nothing. Not. A. Thing.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.26.20 PM
Green Star to Red Star along the winding rivers

Should I be scared? Should I be like, heck yeah, I’m the 1st?

I have no idea.

Oh, and by the way. I have no idea how to kayak.

And another thing, I’m pretty much the worst “Alaskan” known to man. I’ve lived here my whole life. The most bad-ass thing I’ve done is chaperone an arctic survival overnight event with a local JROTC group… and the instructors basically built my shelter for me.

Snow Shelter: Arctic Survival Course with JROTC Eielson AFB, Alaska
Snow Shelter: Arctic Survival Course with JROTC Eielson AFB, Alaska

I wasn’t in charge of making my own fire, my own supplies, you know, like food. I needed just what I was wearing and a sleeping bag. I can kind of pee in the woods. I’ve never had to poo in the woods. I’m pretty sure I can figure it out. It’s kind of human nature to figure it out.

Alaskan Wilderness is full of unexpected surprises, not all good.

Take for example this story in the  Anchorage Dispatch News proving that even the best researched plan can fall apart. A 29 year old man had planned things out and thought he was solid. He was wrong and he had to be rescued.

There’s danger, there’s challenges, there’s a lot to figure out…

But I’m going to go anyway… and you guys get a front row seat to see if I make it or if I get to fly with the Alaska State Troopers to my safe, warm, cozy Fairbanks home and loving husband who unyieldingly supports me in my wild adventures, even if it’s just laughing from the shore and making sure I haven’t forgotten a major step in the logistics.

I’ve set a date that I will start this massive excursion: June 18, 2018.